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Great ways to detox your mind

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

You hear a lot about detoxing the body but what about detoxing the mind? Sometimes our minds can be cluttered with thoughts and emotions that are affecting our health in many ways. Here are some of my favorite ways to clear and calm the mind:

  1. Spend some quiet time doing absolutely nothing! Yes, you heard that right. Our brains are cluttered with information and activity constantly throughout the day. It’s easy for our brains to get stuck in a sympathetic state or fight or flight so it’s imperative that we help calm the brain and get it back to a parasympathetic state. This means no technology allowed!

  2. Spend some time outside in the sun. Being outdoors and in sunlight can improve physical and mental well-being as well as aid in calming the mind. This detox activity is two fold because you can get grounding or earthing benefits by walking barefoot on the ground and you can get vitamin D from being exposed to the sun. Both of these are great ways to calm the mind, body and soul.

  3. Prayer. Prayer is my go-to strategy as I rely on the Lord for peace of mind and strength. I'm in constant prayer throughout the day but I like to be in prayer during my quiet time in the mornings when I'm reading the Bible or a devotional.

  4. Journaling. Getting your thoughts on paper is a great release of negative emotions. Spending 20-30 minutes a day processing our thoughts and doing a brain dump can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Take time to unload it all so you lighten the load that you have been carrying. You can also add prayer to this activity as a double detox whammy!

  5. Exercise. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and run a marathon but any body movement is helpful in decreasing stress and improving energy, mood and cognitive function. I like to walk for 30 minutes or get in a light pilates work out.

Please let me know in the comments section if these detox tips were helpful or if you have any other tools to share!



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